Greetings ladies and gentlemen;

I am Stephen, a travel enthusiast at your service! Please let me have a short self-introduction. I am 22, and I am from Cambodia. I start my traveling journey just only from September last year (2017) up till now. Recently, I have just got the idea of starting this blog to share my experiences, journeys, tips and tricks, and many more things regarding traveling.

I am still considered a novice traveler since I have not been to many destinations just yet. However, I will try my best at sharing some tips and experiences I encountered during my visits at the places I have been to (mostly in South-east Asia). I am also a budget traveler. If you happen to be like me, you are at the right place! Lostftme will guide you through many things which considered good for your next trip 😉!

Lastly, I thank you so much for your support and time you spent on my blog!

With love,