My Trip to Thailand (Cont.) – Bangkok [Day 6 & 7]

Day 6 & 7: Let’s go Shopping in Bangkok!

We’ve been to Bangkok twice on our trip; however, we didn’t stay long, just be there to connect to another destination. This time, we would spend the rest of our trip in Bangkok. Bangkok is the best destination to get wild, go shopping and do many things more. In short, it’s a vibrant city.

We decided to come back to Bangkok in the afternoon, so we could enjoy one last morning in this ancient yet full of history town. We took the same train coming back to Bangkok. It costed me 20 THB (around 60c) from Ayutthaya train station to Hua Lumphong train station.

We spent two days in Bangkok. Then caught a flight back to Phnom Penh in the evening. This trip is considered one of the best trip I’ve been to so far. I write this articles almost a year after the trip, yet all of those scenery and spectacular views are still in my head. Can’t wait to go there again soon! See ya Thailand!

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