My Trip to Thailand 1.0 (Cont.) – Phi Phi Islands [Day 3]

Day 3: Having Day trip at Phi Phi Islands

The real holiday had come! Whooray! After spent two days without doing any real holiday activities, we were finally deserve some times to ourselves enjoying this trip. I love planning trip before going to one; however, it’s different this time. We booked a day trip tour to Phi Phi Islands, so our itinerary was all planned out! The tour includes: pick-up and drop-off our hotel, light breakfast, English speaking tour guide, speed board tour to Maya bay, Viking cave, Loh samah bay, snorkel and swim at Pileh Lagoon, buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don island & refreshment, visit Monkey bay and lastly relax at Khai island.

It’s a once in a life time experience. Visiting Phi Phi Islands is a must! However, one tip from me, don’t go for a trip there on the spot, book it online. It can save you plenty of money. I suggest you try It costed me 1300 THB (around 40 USD sth) last time.

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