My Trip to Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Ayutthaya)

Thailand has become one of my most favorite places to visit. I have been there three times in a year; last year to be exact (LOL), and it’ll never be enough! I have visited quite a few provinces and cities, such as Bangkok, Phuket, and Ayutthaya. I wish to visit more (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Hua Hin or Pattaya) later. I’ve just never get bored going to visit Thailand.

First, let me introduce who joint me on my trip this time! => Miss Kisscie! Yay~! We have another trip together again! LOL

Okay! Without further babbling around, let’s get started!

Day 1: Flying from Phnom Penh to Bangkok

For the first day, we traveled from PNH to DMK by flying with Air Asia. It costed us 64.84 USD each for all-in round trip flight (PNH-BKK 10-17 May, 2018). We left from PNH in the evening around 5 PM since we worked that day, and we arrived BKK around 6:40 PM. Later, we grabbed a taxi and headed to our hostel. Unfortunately, we didn’t do much the first day we were in Bangkok because we were stuck in the airport for almost two hours (annoying af).

Day 2: Getting to Phuket from Bangkok

It’s another flying day. We traveled from DMK to HKT (Phuket) by flying with Thai Lion Air. It costed us 28.98 USD all-in one way trip (checked baggage as well). I were amazed by the flight itself. Thai Lion Air use Airbus A330-300 for this destination. The aircraft is big and it’s equipped with in-flight entertainment; I love it. That was my first time taking A330; previously, I usually fly with A320 family only. We left at 12:25 PM and arrived at 13:50 PM. After landed, we took minibus which can easily be found at the gate of the airport. It’s a shuttle from the airport to any point in Phuket. It costed us 180 THB (around 6 USD) to our hotel. Riding that shuttle, we were stopped at somewhere along the way. We were asked out to listen to them promoting their other services including: day trip to Phi Phi Island… etc. I didn’t choose their services because I had already booked online which was much cheaper. I highly suggest you book any trip or transportation means online since it’s much cheaper and you don’t need to carry a lot of money on your trip (or if so, you may use on shopping instead… lol) – in short, hassle-free! We arrived our hotel at around 3 PM. Then, we rested a bit and headed out to explore the city.

Although night life in Phuket is not as vibrant as in Bangkok, you can still enjoy it to the max! There are many places to get wild, just be careful.

Day 3: Having Day trip at Phi Phi Islands

The real holiday had come! Whooray! After spent two days without doing any real holiday activities, we were finally deserve some times to ourselves enjoying this trip. I love planning trip before going to one; however, it’s different this time. We booked a day trip tour to Phi Phi Islands, so our itinerary was all planned out! The tour includes: pick-up and drop-off our hotel, light breakfast, English speaking tour guide, speed board tour to Maya bay, Viking cave, Loh samah bay, snorkel and swim at Pileh Lagoon, buffet lunch at Phi Phi Don island & refreshment, visit Monkey bay and lastly relax at Khai island.

It’s a once in a life time experience. Visiting Phi Phi Islands is a must! However, one tip from me, don’t go for a trip there on the spot, book it online. It can save you plenty of money. I suggest you try It costed me 1300 THB (around 40 USD sth) last time.

Day 4: Driving to Viewpoints and Phuket Old Town

It’s also considered one of my best experience. Why? We rented a bike (for 200 THB) and explored many places in town, such as: Big Buddha Phuket, Karon viewpoint, Windmill viewpoint, Promthep Cape viewpoint and Phuket old town. Unfortunately, we were fined by the police along the way because we didn’t bring our driving licenses (500 THB) OMG… TT

The scenery is priceless, spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn’t think of any more suitable words to describe all the landscapes these two days I have seen.

Besides, after exploring what are outside of town we spent the rest of the evening explore what are inside and spent the rest of the night at the Phuket walking street.

Day 5: Exploring Ayutthaya

Spending two days in Phuket was slightly not enough, we still couldn’t take our mind off the gorgeous view of the places we have been to; however, time was limited. Thus, we had to continue to our next destination which was Ayutthaya. We flew back to Bangkok using the same Airline – Thai Lion Air, but the aircraft this time was Boeing 737-900… smaller, and no longer equipped with in-flight entertainment (how sad TT). It costed me 17.98 USD (so in total DMK-HKT-DMK is 46.97 USD). We made a bad decision flying in the early morning at 6:45 AM, we had to check-in 2 hours before departure time, plus preparation and stuff… Nightmare! I won’t make that same mistake again; even though, I want to save some time for the day. It’s the worst mistake ever made on a trip. Also, return trip from our hotel to the airport in the early morning was a little costly but still – we had to… lol.

We arrived Bangkok around 8:10 AM. Then, we decided to took the train from DMK to Ayutthaya. It costed me 11 THB (around 30c) for one way trip. You can go to the Don Muang train station by going to the terminal 1 and look for Amari Don Muang Hotel sign, go up by the elevator and cross the street using the walkway. Convenient! Although it’s ultra cheap, it’s crowded and slow, but the people working on the train are so helpful. You can buy food and drinks there on the train, so no worries.

It took us around one hour to reach Ayutthaya train station. It’s tiring since we didn’t have enough sleep, early flight and staff. However, it’s relaxing with the wind and view along the road. We reached there around 1PM, had some lunch and I was ready to explore. I walked around 17 km that day, the furthest walk in my life. I lost sense with the views and the stories behind every temples I’ve been to. It’s fun carrying a map and moving from places to places, lost in the sight of those great scenery. First, let me show you the town then I’ll show you the temples I’ve been to.

And here are the stunningly gorgeous views of the temples I’ve seen.

Day 6 & 7: Let’s go Shopping in Bangkok!

We’ve been to Bangkok twice on our trip; however, we didn’t stay long, just be there to connect to another destination. This time, we would spend the rest of our trip in Bangkok. Bangkok is the best destination to get wild, go shopping and do many things more. In short, it’s a vibrant city.

We decided to come back to Bangkok in the afternoon, so we could enjoy one last morning in this ancient yet full of history town. We took the same train coming back to Bangkok. It costed me 20 THB (around 60c) from Ayutthaya train station to Hua Lumphong train station.

We spent two days in Bangkok. Then caught a flight back to Phnom Penh in the evening. This trip is considered one of the best trip I’ve been to so far. I write this articles almost a year after the trip, yet all of those scenery and spectacular views are still in my head. Can’t wait to go there again soon! See ya Thailand!

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