Cabin Crew Assessment

Before becoming a licensed cabin crew member, there are tough steps and tasks everyone has to go though. It’s not easy to get into the industry; however, it’s going to be rewarding after all. You have to go through several assessments in your interview period; after that, you still have to be trained once you’ve been selected by the airlines you are applying for. One thing to remember: you can be disqualified, or you can be sent home at any time; any stage in the interview, during the training, and even after you release to fly. Alright, without further ado, let’s get started!


Once you send over your CV/resume, you will be going through the shortlisting process by the company’s HR department. To be qualified, you must be stand out. How?

  1. Your height and your weight are standardized.
  2. You can speak more than Khmer and English. (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc.)
  3. You can swim (for some airlines).
  4. You attached some good photos.
  5. You come from customer service or medical industry.
  6. You have previous background in aviation itself.

Remember: You need at least one of these to impress the HR personnel.


In this stage, you will be measured your height and weight. For male, you must be at least 170cm; and 160cm for female. Also, your arm reach should be 212 cm (with or without shoes on). Besides, some company will have your eyes tested as well. You may instructed to look at some random pictures and announce the color or word(s) on it. For some other companies, you will be asked to walk around, stand in a suitable posture or more. Also, be careful with your grooming! Dress and act professionally because the recruiters have got their eyes on you since the first minute you walk into their office. Not meeting any one of the company’s requirements on this stage, you’ll be disqualified immediately.

Individual Interview

It’s high time you showed what you’ve got here in this stage. For your information, you will be asked to be interviewed by 3 to 5 people depends on the company you are applying to. The questions will be:

  • Self-introduction
  • Previous job experience
  • Company profile
  • Cabin crew’s job and responsibilities
  • Your qualities bringing to the company
  • Your skills and specialties
  • Future goal
  • Expected salary (BONUS question if they are really interested in you, congratulations!)

Beware that, you will be tested your language proficiency too! You will be interview in English and the third language you put on your CV/resume.

Group Interview / Group Assessment

In Cambodia, we normally practice Group Interview instead of the Group Assessment. However, it’s still happening that you can try both. Lol. Read down below to see the different.

Group Interview:

You and other contestants will be asked to go into a room with at least 3 to 5 interviewers or more (they speak different languages as well). The recruiters will randomly ask questions/scenarios to the contestants to answer. In this stage, they want to see how good you are in handling tasks, solving problem, your attitude and personality in random circumstances, your communication skills, your customer service skills and other relevant skills they want to find out in support of the airlines’ requirements.  

Group Assessment:

It’s normally practiced in the bigger airlines like Emirates, Qatar, and others. You will be assigned into groups and give questions to answer or topics to talk about. It can be random topic related to tourism or customer services and extra. You have to discuss within the group for the solution. The main purpose of both assessments is the same; however, what is more important here is teamwork. Thus, bring out your best during the interview!

Written Test

Cabin crew and written test? How does this make sense? Well, sometimes Cabin crew members have to fill up some forms during their work. You will be tested to make sure you are capable of writing understandable English in the report and form style. The written test may include grammar test, writing test (English and the third language if you know more) and other type of test depend on the company (maybe Maths).

Swimming Test

Some airlines require their candidates to be able to swim at least 30 to 50 meters without any aiding equipment and some even more. Make sure you have made yourself comfortable enough in the water before you are applying for a cabin crew job. However, some other airlines may not have such test during their interview progress. It’s always good to do a little research of your respective airlines you are going for, don’t you think?

Medical Check-up

This is also a critical part of the interview process. You are required to be tested at an aviation specialized clinic or hospital regarding your health and well-being. The testing will be: blood, urine, heart rate, lung, other illness and eyes sight. Getting fail in any one of these tests will result in a disqualified. For a cabin crew member, it is a must that your body and health are in good condition in order to maintain the safety standard which is the most crucial part of the career itself. Thus, better be careful!

Lastly, if you have passed through all these. Congratulations! You are going ahead to the next stage which is Cabin Crew Training! Follow my next blog post to learn more about that! Or you can ask me more questions in the comment section below! Ttyl!

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