Cabin Crew Individual Interview – Questions and Sample Answers

I am applying for a cabin crew position. I have just received a phone call for an interview. What should I do? Can I get some tips and advice?

Woah! Congratulations! You have done a great job! I remember how I was so excited to have received the phone call for the first time. Alright! If you have the same questions I mentioned above, you’ve come to the right place!

By the way, if you happen to go through my last post, you might know some questions I have left there. However, for more detail, I’ll state here again and provide you some sample answers or tips.

Please fasten your seat belt. We are boarding now!

1- Tell me about yourself.

[Guide] Welp! This should be the first question you will be asked!For me, I answered this question by stated my name, age, where I live and a little bit about my family. I keep it short and very careful with my tone and grammar.  Then, I moved on to tell about my educational background and my previous professional background. It’s high time I had stated everything important! It’s time to sell myself. One last thing! Answer with confident and with a smile!

2- Why do you want to be a cabin crew member?

[Sample Answer] I like the idea of the exciting lifestyle. I’ve never enjoyed too much routine, and I really enjoy working with people. (Elaborate more on your own

3- Why do you want to work for ABC Air?

[Sample Answer] The company has a good reputation as an employer. I’d feel great about working for the company. Also, it’s just the right size: not too big, not too small. (Elaborate more on your own)

[Guide] For me, I did a lot of research on the company profile before going into the interview, so that I could gain a lot of knowledge regarding the company and have got a lot of things to say about the company when they ask this question.

4- What skills and qualities you will bring to the job?

[Sample Answer] I have good experience with customer care from my job in the hotel. I’m cheerful most of the time, and I don’t mind taking responsibility for my actions – ding what needs to be done. I love team work, too.

[Guide] Look up on the internet for some cabin crew qualities. Whichever match with yours, or you bare any mentioned qualities, don’t forget to mention them in the interview. Remember: don’t just raise the points up, elaborate by using example, real example!

5- Have you ever had to deal with an angry customer? What happened?

[Sample Answer] Once, there was a mix-up over a room at the hotel. A customer arrived with his family, but the booking was for a single room. He was furious. I kept apologizing, and immediately got them seated in the restaurant for a free meal. We sorted out the room and left a fruit basket. He was never entirely happy, but he could see that we’d tried to make it right.

[Guide] Don’t make things up! Try to use your experience instead!

6- Have you ever worked with someone from another culture? Did you learn anything?

[Sample Answer] At the hotel where I work, guests come from all over the world. Communication can be challenging. I’ve learned to speak slowly and calmly. I don’t mind repeating myself, and I try different words, too. I’m always interested in meeting people from different places.

7- What do you think will be the most difficult part of the job?

[Sample Answer] I think being on call and waiting for a phone call in the middle of the night must be pretty tough. But I want this job because I like a challenge, and I want to avoid a nine-to-five routine.

[Guide] Read more regarding the job itself. During an interview, sometimes the interview will ask many questions about the job. So be well prepared!

8- Would your current employer describe you as reliable?

[Sample Answer] Definitely. They would tell you I’ve never been late for work, and I’ve had only one sick day in three years. That doesn’t mean I go to work when I’m ill, it means I take care of myself!

9- What would you do if an older lady passenger seemed upset and appeared to be crying?

[Sample Answer] I would offer her a tissue and a glass of water. I would ask if she needed anything else. If she said no, I would keep an eye on her, but not say anything else.

10- If we don’t hire you for this job, what will you do?

[Sample Answer] I’ll take it as a learning opportunity. I’ll definitely go back and try to improve myself, then apply again.

P.S.: Elaborate more on your own! Be yourself! Don’t exaggerate!

Source: English for Cabin Crew by Oxford

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